Nikah is a pure bond in which the couple stays together in this world and hereafter. Moreover, your aim shall be to stay together in Jannah, not limited to this temporary world.

The top 5 tips that would boost your relationship are as follows:

1. Express your love through gratitude. A simple “Thank you” is so easy to say, but the impact that gives to your spouse is huge! It’s an act of kindness, that you appreciate the work that your spouse has done. The more gratitude you express, the more love you’ll see in your spouse’s eyes.

2. Surprise your spouse with a surprising gift. One of the happiest moments that your spouse experience is when he/she receives a gift. No matter how big or small it is, a gift that has been given with a kind heart is always adorable!

3. Handle tough situations politely. It’s a fact that everyone’s mindset is different. So there will come some situations when your spouse may get angry or frustrated. When one is fire, the other must be like water. If the situation is getting into an intense argument, then stay calm and leave. You may anyways come back and explain to your spouse politely when the situation is under control.

4. Love, care, understand and support your spouse. You’ll be the first person that your spouse expects to understand, support, and respect. No matter what the situation is, do not let your spouse feel alone during tough times. This Indeed is one of the best ways to protect the husband and wife relationship in Islam.

5. Spend quality time with each other. Don’t involve yourself in your daily work so much that you are not able to give quality time to your spouse. Communication between husband and wife in Islam is extremely necessary in order to maintain a healthy mental and physical relationship. Have food with your spouse, go outing on a long drive, crack jokes, do whatever you can to make your spouse feel that this day was so special for me.


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