Economic benefits of sacrifice

 Economic benefits of sacrifice

  According to an estimate, more than four trillion rupees less livestock was traded on
Eid, 23 billion rupees were earned by butchers and labours, more than 3 billion rupeeswere earned by those who traded animals feed.
        Those who brought animals in vehicles got employment worth billions of rupees,
the poor got labor, farmers got fodder, the villagers got good price for their cattle,
later the poor got expensive meat for free. This money provided more job opportunities
to the workers in the leather factories  
        If the person who earned this money will spend it on his needs, business
activities worth trillions of rupees will be created. Even if the money collected by
taxation starts to be distributed among the poor, then the poor and the country
cannot benefit as much as the Muslims do by obeying this one order of Allah.
        In the language of economics, the circulation of wealth begins with this
sacrifice, a cycle that boggles the mind to calculate.


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